We always talk about how terribly our organs are taken care of, but did you ever stop to think that in all honesty, it’s probably hair that gets the very worse deal? It gets the moisture sucked out of it every day from a blow dryer, scorched by the curling iron, tangles yanked though it… It’s no surprise that every woman nowadays is looking for a way to fix the damage inflicted upon her poor hair! Fortunately for every woman desperate to have more healthy and beautiful hair. I watched a very interesting show, and i find it crazy how i can’t remember the name but i remember vividly that it is about a young female that has an hour-long show basically educating and teach how to cook healthy food. This episode happened to be about certain foods that one may use on their hair as a conditioner there are some great and inexpensive things you can find in your kitchen that will drastically improve the health and vitality of your hair. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a head full of lush and lustrous hair.

1. Olive oil is first on our list. It’s no secret that our hair is coated in oils. These oils come from our scalp, where they are produced and then rubbed off onto our hair. These oils lock in moisture and make hair appear shinier and more radiant. These oils, unfortunately, are burned off and removed relatively easily. This is why olive oil is so effective – it does a great job of replacing all those essential oils back into your hair. All you need to do is coat your hair in warm olive oil, and in order to keep the mess at a minimum, wrap your hair up in a plastic bag. Apply a warm towel around the bag, and in about 15 minutes, your hair will have all it’s necessary oils right back where they should be!

2. Mayonnaise is another kitchen item that’s great for hair. Although it may sound odd, mayonnaise is actually quite well-known as an effective hair treatment. It just so happens that mayonnaise is loaded with the vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and protein that is extremely beneficial to hair and that gives it a brilliant, lush quality. It’s important that you also make sure to avoid using products like Miracle Whip – you want only 100% real mayonnaise, so make sure you look for it. When applying it to your hair, put it on rather thick. The goal is to soak each and every individual strand of hair. Then just wrap it up in your plastic bag and then follow-up with a warm towel, and let your hair soak it up for about 15 minutes!

3. Eggs. Eggs are important to your hair because, as everyone knows, they are absolutely rich in protein. Your hair, at its core, is actually made up mostly of protein. Because of this, any deficiency in protein your body is experiencing will cause your hair to become brittle, weak, and damaged. Applying an egg mask is a great way to charge your hair with protein, helping to rebuild itself stronger and more attractive. It’s also important that you make sure your diet isn’t lacking in protein. If so, it’s only going to take a negative toll on your hair. You can look up recipes all over the Internet for a good egg mask – a good one I know of involves honey, eggs, and olive oil.

I actually did a little experiment with my hair tonight. I’m growing my hair naturally avoiding to use relaxers/perms; Heat- blow dryers/Flat irons. This is to avoid having any trauma done to my hair or scalp. I took an egg and beat it with 3 table spoons of full cream milk and 3 drops of honey syrup. Blended strawberries with cream (this i did in a separate container). After i did the usual washing process, i applied the beat egg which contains milk and honey onto my scalp as a conditioner. I then put on a heating cap for about 10 minutes. After washing off my home-made conditioner, my hair felt softer and had a shinny coat. As usual, i’d leave my hair to air dry before applying any hair food. After doing so– i applied the whipped strawberries and cream onto my hair as a moose–which left my hair smelling literally like fresh sweet strawberries; shoot if i were near you right now, I’d let you take a whiff of my hair to smell how bomb it is! At the end of the experiment i was very much pleased with the outcome and from now on instead of spending crazy amounts on conditioners, i am going to use the ingredients i have at home!
As you can see, the three key weapons for the battle of beautiful hair really are actually quite similar to what our hair needs and is made up of naturally. – Proteins, like the collagen that forms each strand, and oils, like our scalp creates! Try and experiment, have fun with it! Taking even one night a week just to pamper your hair can make all the difference in the world in its health, beauty and shine. Having beautiful hair does not have to be hard; it doesn’t even have to be time-consuming. – Taking care of your body inside and out is the key to achieving gorgeous hair.


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