Guys gossip more than girls! FACT!

How sad..

No forreal, it is so sad! Why do people lie about unnecessary shit, seriously. I’m sorry if this is taking a low blow but its the truth. Guys; why do you lie about who have been with? I had an encounter yesterday– something that was the hugest buzzkillington of note!

Scenario: Chilling at the backyard of a friend’s house, you know–all is well. A friend of mine and I are just in the Cudi zone, feeling nice (i mean Ballentine’s 12 year Old Special Reserved Scottish Whisky does that you know) and as i am enjoying every drop from the glass i receive into my mouth, another friend asks me if i have done shit with so and so.. i replied no– i mean i thought it was random that the name was mentioned but hey what the phuck i’m feeling dense, i just shrugged it off. That wasn’t all though, more names followed, 4 names in which 2 are my own hommies– the homeskillets–homeslices–my do or dies (well back then i considered them so). DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I actually felt the shock go through my veins, I was hurt–I won’t lie.

–i mean the 16-year-old “rapper’ (LMAO at the rapper part, no forreal–if you listened to him you would laugh too!) I’m not surprise about his lies–saw them long coming. Why would a soon to be 21-year-old body of a Goddess be interested in a guy who looks 16 and his rap career is an epic fail be interested to tap that?

–Oh this part kills me– an overgrown college student–il round his age to about 26-28 living with his mother doing his 3rd/4th year, who is a whiney of life, sulks like there is no tomorrow just because niggas didn’t want to continue playing a drinking game that HE QUIT then decided to re-join after being told once your out, your out–lies and says he’s been hit me! HA! the huggest insult I’ve received so far through out this new year.

–Here comes the worst part, your own hommies! WOW! your own hommies lie and tell your friends (dumbest move ever made in life..even a fool knows better) thinking you won’t find out and LIES..tells them they got with you! I’m talking about the hommies you kick it with, drink, laugh, party..basically EVERYTHING.. the hommies that consider you one of the boys..and they lie! WOW.

Food for thought–when you lie about what you do in the bedroom area or who you’ve done it with just know YOUR AN EPIC FAIL in either situation, you’re dick game is definitely whack and that’s why you lie about it or you can’t get the girl so you decide to lie, i mean after all you guys think what you say never gets outta the circle.. Well you’re wrong.!

Go chew bricks and kick rocks!

–this jus clarified that boys gossip and talk shmack MORE than girls and it’s quite disgusting!

like Jay Z says — “Y’all should grow the fuck up, come here let me coach you!”


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