Gaborone City Marathon..

So as i was lounging about on the net (as usual) i thought i needed a new challenge in life. I feel like at this point my life is at a stand still– there isn’t much excitment..better yet there is no real challenge i need to face. I posted on my Facebook status that I need a challenge and a friend of mine, Fauz El-kindiy said I should join the Gabs marathon.

Marathon?!?! i never knew Gaborone city had a marathon! Wow, it is actually quite interesting–good way to keep healthy, great to put on your resume and should be fun when you join with friends as a group effort, a way of doing something new, something different in life.Anyway– he sent me the link to the site and now I’m actually considering joining a marathon! I know, i know, i am miss big booty Judy but hey, who says that should stop me in joining? It is for a good cause!

The Gaborone City Marathon on April 18, 2010 is a charity event. All registration fees will go to the following five charities: Botswana Heart Foundation, Lady Khama Charitable Trust, Seeing is Believing, Sponsor A Child Trust Fund and Y Care Charitable Trust.

The Gaborone City Marathon has been certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIM) and is a qualifier for the Commonwealth Games and Comrades Marathon.

But the first Gaborone City Marathon is also an important event for family and friends, with a 10 km run, and a 4 km fun run / walk that young and old can walk or run. On the day, there are also various prizes to be won. All finishers will receive a medal.
The Gaborone City Marathon will have fun entertainment for children and grown ups. There will be face painting, jumping castles and goody bags for all entrants with T-shirts and caps. Don’t miss the Pasta Party on Saturday April 17, at 6pm

For more info check out the website PhakalaneGaborone Marathon

34 more days left til the day –it’s for a good cause–consider it!


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