Do you remember the time?

The Great late Michael Jackson has always been famous for his choreography especially in his music videos that take the form of a short film based on a story. Music Vidoes such as “Bad” “You Rock My World” etc.

This video, “Do you remember the time” gets my 5 star rating as the BEST short film video Michael Jackson has ever made and this is simply for the reason that the choreography in this video was TOP NOTCH as well as that he incorporated the whole “Egyptian Pharoah Scenario. His vocals also projected throughly and I’m just feeeling this way too much! Yes many of you may disagree and think “Thriller” did it and yes it did and still does but if you take a peep at this video and refresh your memory; you will then know why i say what i am saying!

–Michael Jackson and his people kill at [6.11] & this man was a freak talking about ” In the Park, on the beach–You & Me!”

may his soul rest in perfect peace.


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