…..Presenting; GabsDiva….

I bring forth yet another exclusive interview with the one and only Joan Richardson–better known as GabsDiva.

RicanPinUpDoll: GabsDiva; How did this name that is now developing into a brand come about?

GabsDiva: Well, it started with my party last year *Diva Goes Legal* and the Gabs part; I guess it was just a good idea one day and it’s stuck, especially with my promotion thing growing. My friends advised me to brand it and its became way bigger then I thought it ever would. Thanks to EVERYONE that’s supporting me,without y’all I wouldn’t be able to do something I TOTALLY love! (this is not a fan shout out) [laughs]

RicanPinUpDoll: You reached 5,000 Facebook friends to the point whereby you had to make a fan page and that as well is increasing with numbers WOW! How does this feel–would you consider yourself a socialite?

GabsDiva: From previous interviews and general talk with the public, I have been asked this question on what I consider myself as and YES!  I am a socialite! I don’t think anyone goes  out as much as me! [laughs] Honestly,  it’s not something i’ve learnt to become but it’s always been there. I’ve been going out from a very young age and obviously at the time I didn’t think it would be like this! but it has! and, I don’t have a problem with it! I wouldn’t be a successful promoter, etc with out my social status! [smiles]

RicanPinUpDoll: I would say your Facebook statuses are quite infamous for you post up anything to everything on them; more or less like a blog and many people follow/comment, would u consider it as being your trademark?

GabsDiva: My Facebook statuses to be honest aren’t meant to entertain people but they do! What can I say my life is eventful! [laughs]  My statues have definitely been the thing to make people send me requests but, yeah kinda–sorta! … they do make me,me.

RicanPinUpDoll: For many of those that are real curious and anxious to know, is GabsDiva single/taken/complicated/widowed?

GabsDiva: ijaaaaa! u just had to ask that!  Soooooooooo! sentle sentle! I’m SINGLE! [smiles] Nobody wants me! [singing–  “I am so lonely*]  [laughs]

RicanPinUpDoll: You previously hosted the event “GabsDiva presents The Big Boys” and recently; “GabsDiva presents Rock the Girls.” Could you please tell us a little about these events– how these names for the events came about?

GabsDiva: Thanks again to Bull & Bush and the dj’s and artists that allowed me to part of these gigs. Dj’s and artists approached me to promote their gigs and I was cool with it. I sold them the idea of naming it *GabsDiva Presents … * and they were cool with it! As I have a following and they also do, we both benefit [smiles] and obviously if i’m there, it’s going be a ROCKING party which it obviously was. And I’d like to thanks again to everyone that came through!  I hope u had a blast!

RicanPinUpDoll: Is GabsDiva currently focusing on entertainment, or you are going to branch out into other sections?

GabsDiva: Right now im focusing on events. I’m still hosting at clubs,parties and sessions. I have planned friends baby showers, etc, those kinda small things.  It’s just a learning curve but, if this GabsDiva brand grows more and there’s room for other things, I’ll definitely jump on the wagon! 

RicanPinUpDoll: Any current adventures / future projects you are working on?

GabsDiva: Right now i have a  line up with some BIG dj’s coming up. Teargas is coming to Bull & Bush May 1st, F.eu are returning in september and the rest, well that’s still under wraps, wena just watch this space and don’t forget to miss out on the party! [smiles] but, my BIRTHDAY party of course!

You can catch up with GabsDiva at:

Joan GabsDiva Richadson’s Facebook Page

GabsDiva Fan Page

Get the weekend Gig Guide at:

Gabs City aka City Of The World

Email Add: miss-richardson@hotmail.com


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