Sexxiest Spanish Woman ALIVE

Other than my hot best friend Estephania Frias from the Dominican Republic. (HEY BOO!) Shakira just does it for me. I remember watching this video when I first moved to New York City (13 October 2005)  and before moving into our house we had been staying in the Presidential Suite at New York Palace (Daddy your just Boss; I know you know this :p) Bored and didn’t know shit about streets and avenues in New York, I was glued on to the King Size Bed and watching MTV all day long and her music video came on! WOAW– she blew my mind with this video and I believe she is the sexiest Spanish woman alive. Her body is crazy, she can move and she has a very dominant vocal chords that will leave her songs running through your internal jukebox.

Here is my ALL TIME FAV Shakira song (she has two versions but both rock my little cotton socks!}



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