Beautifully Deep.



Love is not for me I always feel no matter what.
Ke gore i feel if you loved me you can love me again
M not scared of lovin, jus scared of what love turns you into
M still growin into the thought of self-love
My understandin of lovin da the opposite sex is the fact that they break my heart and i always open up my heart to him if he wants to come back coz i hav never known any better
My father, some1 who has to help me believe otherwise didnt teach me well…..
But i always open up my heart to him coz i believe if he trully loves me like he says he does, he will come back and make it right
I keep hopin, jus coz he told me he loves me once and that i am the girl of dreams and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me
He will come back and tell me the world tried to take him away from me but his now back
Jus like dad i hope he comes back and realises that his daughter needs him so much in her life and that he can teach her better about the male species
What, I was suppose to be trusting to revel the male species to me, has taught to me to be vicious and to not trust
My feelings towards this species, scare my heart away
All in ghe feeling of fear and disappointment
It has taught me to fight to show love
It has turned me into a monster and a hater towards dis love thing Its an on going soapie and i jus keep hopin he will come back and love me again, jus like dad keeps doin
M sad and sometimes i feel like runnin into daddy’s arms so he could make it all better
But which direction do i go??
M i letting da male species run me down coz i feel, they’ll always make a comeback?
Will he come back and love me again………… Jus went to wonderland and these thoughts came into my mind……….thought i could share.

*i want my daddy*

Eteng Mohwasa


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One response to “Beautifully Deep.

  1. Mazuba

    Love that poem!

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