Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate Expressions Vol.1

I was never a fan of dark chocolate until i ate Bournville Class Dark Chocolate. Yup, i am talking about the sexy blackish/brownish/redish Cadbury wrapped chocolalte. I swear it can cure everything and anything; and it sure does release my euphoric hormonoes and wants me to express my self in ways of the word, the word that goes something like this;

I’m on another level;

they say we are the same but they be riding biycles with only one pedal.

I’ve realized being single is better;

not that i am saying i want to remain this way forever.

Let’s just say i’d rather stay focused on school and making chedder;

the chedder that makes the broke people bitter.

I am so tired of people thinking that they know me;

telling me what they saw me do or how i feel.

Many people love to label me–and nevertheless it won’t stop me from basking in that ambience that is green;

because that same green is what makes me get away from all of you and has me feeling alone in this world, feeling extra free.

Always makes me want to sing with glee;


next time don’t even bother trying to figure me;

Cause you’ll end up confused like a lost bee

and i am not trying to change for anyone cause this is me.

But forreal, enough with this b*llsh*t;

i am trying to put this all far away, like into a deep black ditch.

Get on the field and make that pitch;

cause i can’t slow down on that highway of being happily me and rich.

Ah tebbie, end this right here and maitain it at phuck alotta sh*t.


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