I love my friends for the simple fact that they are eclectic and open-minded. Nothing sounds crazy or far-fetched to them; no matter what the topic of discussion it may be.

Because of my extremely great genes (THANKS MOM & DAD) I look truly young. Many are shocked to find out that I am the age I am. It has its disadvantages but they aren’t none that have a lady struggling to get by from.

However my young looks have allowed ample amount of youngins’ hitting on me. In the beginning i was quite weirded out until the yummie youngins approached.. Many find this “disgusting/strange” that i may take pride in this but i do. My milkshakes bring them all to the yard youngins && the grown!

A friend of mine and I agreed that we would be insanely hot cougars in our life time as we are fully grown and at the peak of our lives but funny enough.. I am 21 and a cougar!

……… Cougar @ 21.




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