our own nuclear weapon.

As a parted ways with my cousin; I look up and I see a distinct face. Zoomed in and waved. I walked up to say hi & give a hug and as I was on my way, it struck my eye. I knew it was him. I saw the mark, I felt the aura. It may sound crazy but I felt it and it hit hard, to the bottom part of my soul. I didn’t know whether I could contain myself, if I would cringe with disgust but I arrived to my friend….

….I said my greetings and passed on my love with a warm hug, didn’t bother to pay any mind. My heart was rapidly thumping as if it was about to throb out of my chest. Although it was going crazy, it told me that it is okay; everything is okay & I  moved along.

My mind was in daze after I took the first step away from them. A rush of uncontrollable emotions conquered my temple and I felt lost in my own soul. I didn’t see the lights that were to guide me home & that were to ignite my bones. Thoughts from the past filled me to the point whereby I was sick to my stomach about it. I didn’t want to remember anything because at my present; I am feeling so good.

The first thing I thought about when I got home was to eat; have some tea & sleep and that indeed I did.

Our minds are the human nuclear weapon.


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