1st post of the New Year (2011)

I hate to admit that I had neglected my blog but I did. Other than my internet connection constantly switching on and off, I had lost track of my blog, more importantly myself.

Life is a roller coaster that will NEVER end no matter how good or bad it may be. Disconnected and lost without touch was what i was. I hate to know that I do have an unstable balance in life but then again that does make me human. I am currently on Day 170, of my soul-searching as well as it being 170 days since I’ve turned 21. The most that I can say for now about this journey is that i have managed to point out my stubborn flaws, those that have been the cause of the imbalance in my life. Stubborn flaws I call them because, although i have noticed what they are; I refuse to change them, simply for the fact that they make me who I am.

Wholesome is what i am aiming for this year because although i am not a saint, i still keep trying. A strong source within needs to focus on being what i need to be; what i am destined to have and that is success, love and happiness. Growth and maintenance of it is what I need to achieve. Balance of pride and love is what I need for my soul, a constant laugh and a joyous smile is what I need for my heart. It’s rough trying to figure yourself out especially when you always believe to think you know who you are. A strenuous process indeed but one I believe is worth it because you can never waste any time that is invested for your progression.

Eyes attentively alert and ears widely open to be aware of my environment and what is and will be hazardous for my whole being. Cautiously selecting my choice of crowd as I proceed to enter into a realm of vicious and dark souls that camouflage  themselves around those that are enriched with love and care. Don’t get me wrong, I am not changing myself; it’s the lifestyle that is. Change is good and this change will heighten everything for me.

I have a dream; that dream will become reality.


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