Self Introspection?

I woke up this morning at the usual time, between 6.30-7.30am. Went about with my routine, switched on the decoder to channel 400 which is BBC, had a bowl of Bran flakes and clicked away on my tab as I check my morning emails. Being a fan of social networks, I did as usual and checked out my twitter timeline and found a tweet from a good family friend of mine Mazuba Kapambwe (@afrosocialte) saying “If u never read any link I post on twitter, U MUST read this one abeg >> ”
Because she is such a talented and passionate writer, I did not hesitate to read what the article had to say. It was MIND BLOWING, I held my breath for a little while quite baffled but I did not dare stop to read this article as it grabbed my full attention.  Although the content was truly provocative, it didnt stop me from thinking about the underlying message at hand. The article is a style in journalism of dealing with a subject. It may not be a true story but the writer tries to create a real situation in which people are having a conversation. Some aspects of what is being said may be from real expereinces in life but others may have been created or fictional just to make a point. The other aspect of such a piece is to try to hold a mirror to society and say look at yourself. Is this what you want to look like?

I emailed a dignified man who has been in diplomacy for over two decades and this was his response to the article:

There are many aspects in this story:

-there is the issue of corruption, how bad it is nad how dehumanizing it can be;

-the need for political leaders to refuse to be corrupted such as the reference to our former president refusing to accept IMF offers;

-the need for the natural resources of the country to be used for the benefit of the people of the country so that the foreigners do not take every thing out; in Botswana you know that diamonds have been used to build schools, clinics, roads, scholarships etc. elsewhere in Africa that is not the case the politicians are millions times rich;

-being proud of yourself as an african and refusing to accept that white people are superior; this is about the right to determine your future but it also means you must do it correctly.

So you can go through the article and if you see something said that is negative or bad, ask yourself in real life what is it refering to? If you come across a line where he accepts criticism it is probably because it is indeed true that those things happen in life. In other words you can say this article is about self introspection. It is about saying do not blame other people, look at yourself and ask why did I allow this to happen?



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2 responses to “Self Introspection?

  1. Mazuba kapambwe

    I did wonder if the article was real. Some parts of it seemed not to be. The positive thing that has come out of the article is that people shared it amongst themselves via social media and are hopefully going to have on going discussions about what can be done to better our countries.

  2. I think the article covers a sad truth that the educated intellectuals are the ones who should be pushing the country forward with innovations, ideas and employment but instead we sit back waiting for government hand outs and talk about rights and entitlements and have degrees as our biggest achievements. We don’t use the degrees to buoy us to greater heights which is a shame. We get our degrees to get a well paying job and work and leave the status quo intact

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